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How to Track Common Activities

Options for tracking general types of activities with xAPI are defined in the Navy Common Reference Profile. All of these common activities can be reused in several different types of content.

How to Track E-learning Content

Includes asynchronous, self-paced, self-directed content such as interactive courseware augmented with multimedia and accessed from inside or outside the LMS.

How to Track Assessment Content

Includes tracking requirments for knowledge-based assessments, feedback surveys, and scenario-based performance assessments. These profiles can be also reused with other profiles that have assessment requirements.

How to Track Performance Support Content

Includes tracking performance support for job or workplace tasks at the point of need or tracking support in the learning process, such as electronic study aids.

How to Track Simulation Content

Includes tracking general types of simulation content and provides guidelines for extending xAPI to support unique simulation trainers.

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